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What is "The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis"?

The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is the premier "adult only (18+)" exclusive martial art school in Indianapolis. Located on private residential property, it is where Japanese martial arts and Zen meditation is taught in the truest spirit of the Samurai.

The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is one of the last of its kind.




What is taught at the Sensokan?

We teach the Japanese martial art of "Senso-Ryu" (war style) which consists of:

Jujutsu - The unarmed art of the Samurai - striking, grappling, and throws.
Aikijujutsu - An advanced version of Jujutsu - Aiki principles and control techniques. 
Kenjutsu - The art of the sword - Bokken (wooden sword) and Katana (sword). We also teach defense against club, bat, knife and gun.
Zazen - Zen meditation for the cultivation of mind.



Do you teach children?

We only accept adults,18 years of age or older as students. We rarely have anyone training under the age of 21.


Kenjutsu training


What is the class schedule?

All classes are 2 hours long on:

Monday  7-9pm

Wednesday 7-9pm

Saturday 1-3pm


An interview with the Sensei is required for joining?

Hanulak Sensei teaches out of his home and is particular of whom he teaches. it is simply a way for Hanulak Sensei to determine if the perspective student is a good fit for the dojo.


What is the nature of the training?

The Sensokan is a dojo where the warrior arts are practiced. Where men and women can hone their martial skills and their understanding of themselves through deep introspection and hard training.


Zen Meditation


What is the purpose of Zen meditation with the martial arts?

Martial arts training without an internal training such a s Zen is nothing more than aerobics in your PJ's. If the mind is not relatively calm at the moment of danger, your techniques will not come out. You will freeze in fear. The martial art training teaches you the technique, but the mindfulness training allows you to be able to perform those techniques when you are under duress.  


The dojo is on private residential property?

The Sensokan Dojo is located inside the Sensei's home. Half the house is dedicated to the dojo. There is the traditional dojo area, a bathroom / changing area, and outside training area.

There is no better way to train.


How do I Join the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis?

Visit the contact page for information on joining.




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